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Letter of Resignation Cake – How to Quit Like a Boss

Letter of Resignation Cake

Letter of Resignation Cake

W. Neil Berrett gave his two week’s notice of his intent to resign on a cake. The letter was written in frosting on a full sheet sized cake. Berrett says the cake was delicious and it was well received.

The resignation letter reads…

“Dear Mr. Bowers,

During the past three years, my tenure at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has been nothing short of pure excitement, joy and whim.

However, I have decided to spend more time with my family and attend to health issues that have recently arisen. I am proud to have been part of such an outstanding team and I wish this organization only the finest in future endeavors.

Please accept this cake as notification that I am leaving my position with NWT on March 27.


W. Neil berrett”

Berrett did submit a paper resignation letter. He says, it’s hard to file away a cake. What do you think about this letter of resignation? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

10 Anonymous Employees Who Want To Be Fired

What is a Bad Boss?

Bad Boss - Spot oneWhat is a Bad Boss?

Now, just what exactly is a bad boss? Well, the term bad boss can mean many things to people because there are different types of bad bosses. Referring to a bad boss is suggesting that their ‘behavior’ is bad; but not necessarily the person. Although, some bad bosses are truly bad to their core.

Those who make good bosses understand and have leadership qualities which make their employees thrive. On the other hand, a bad boss does the complete opposite. Employees serving under a bad boss will suffer greatly at their hand. A bad boss can suck the joy out of your job altogether and decrease the possibility of success for your department or for the company as  a whole.

Types of Bad Bosses:

There are many, many types of bad bosses! Some of the most common types of bad bosses include, the micromanager, bully, weakling, dictator, inadequate toddler, fear monger, dreamer, robot, people pleaser, owner, etc. Time Magazine rates the top five worst bad bosses as follows:

  1. The “crooked politician” 
  2. The bully 
  3. The micromanager 
  4. The workaholic 
  5. The BFF 

(Click any of the bad bosses above to learn what they are.)

How do you spot a Bad Boss when applying for a job?

Bad bosses are not that hard to spot! Sadly, Bad Bosses are prevalent like a plague. Just do a google search for the term Bad Boss and you will find so much content on this subject. On the job, over time, you will easily be able to identify if your boss is good or bad. But, what if you are applying for a new job? Here are the top three ways to spot a bad boss during a job interview (although there are countless more signs).

  1. The first indicator of a Bad Boss is their vocabulary. They use self centered words like, “I” or “me” instead of “we” or “our team”. This could be a sign that they are not team players and may try to take credit for their employee’s work.
  2. Next, how do they pay attention to you? Do they give you their full attention? Or are they distracted by E-mail, their phone, or other things? Good bosses maintain eye contact during interviews. This could mean that they are rude, not interested in you as a candidate, or not interested in their company anymore.
  3. Finally, what kind of answers do the employer provide to your questions? Job candidates are encouraged to bring a minimum of ten questions to a job interview. If the employer does not directly answer your questions, averting the subject, then you may be dealing with a bad boss (or the company is not a good one to work for).

Are You a Good Boss or a Bad Boss?

Disclaimer: Most of our Bad Boss posts are meant to be humorous. However, working for a Bad Boss is not funny! Do you have an experience working for a Bad Boss? Tell us about it HERE.

Name and Shame Your Way To The Top!

duncePeople always talk about the power of recognition and how it inspires people to aim to be the best that they can be.

But to me this is bull!

Sure, when I watch the Olympics or Superbowl, and I see all the reward and recognition that they receive I’d love to have some of that, but not having any chance of succeeding, I don’t move one muscle to try and achieve it.

So in my opinion inspiration is overrated, especially if people lack the belief that they can achieve whats on offer.

But we can turn this on its head and give everyone a chance of recognition by naming and shaming  our poor performers.

Why does this work? Well because everyone has the ability to be dead last, all it needs is a lack of effort or skill, and we can all achieve at least one of those.

By naming and shaming people, we ensure that everyone will make an extra effort, rather than just the top 10% who have a chance of winning employee of the month, and if we can get everyone to try a little bit harder then we will have chance to significantly improve our performance.

To do this you really need to make those poor performers suffer, ridicule them to such an extent that no one, and I mean no one wants to finish dead last. At my last company we used to have a Dunce of the Week hat that the winner, or should i say loser, had to wear everyday of the week.

Sure some of them complained to HR or quit, but who cares if your worst performer quits, it gives you a chance to recruit someone new, someone better, and maybe even better looking if you get what I mean.

We also used to make this into a weekly award show, it was good for the morale of the rest of the team, it used to give us something to laugh and joke about. But there was also a serious point it it too, it was a stark reminder to the rest not to be that dunce of the week, as they saw what happened to them, and the ridicule they experienced.

I found name and shame to be so good that we even extended it to the bottom three employees, with a Gold, Silver and Bronze dunce of the week, we did this to make sure that everyone put in that bit of extra effort, because with just one everyone could see who was performing badly, but with three awards there was more risk that you might be the one.

When you take this approach you do need to make sure you ridicule all three otherwise there is no shame in winning it, and remember shame is the key.

If you’re company’s big enough you can always create the ‘Hall of Shame’ for those people that win the Gold Dunce award three times, or whatever number you think is appropriate. I have done this in several companies with starling results.

office elevator.jepgI did hear of one company who put the lowest performer of the months desk in the elevator, and made that their office for a week, but unfortunately the elevators at my company are not big enough for that to work.

I dream of working in one of those big offices where the elevator will be large enough for us to be able to take this approach, as I think could be the coup de grace to get performance to the highest level.

Imagine having to explain to everyone why your office is in the lift, how shaming would that be. It wouldn’t just to be your colleagues it would be to everyone, customers, relatives visiting, and even people from other departments.

Remember: the more you shame people the better the rest will perform.


Disclaimer: Bad Boss is meant to be a humorous site and none of our recommendations should be taken seriously.

The Whip – A FREE App – To Show You are The Boss!

whipThe Whip – A FREE App – To Show You are The Boss!

Every bad boss needs to install the Whip app on their phone to show everyone that you are the boss. 😉 “Whip it” to motivate. “Whip it” to dominate. “Whip it” to be feared. “Whip it” is a magnificent management style! Or just use the Whip app to entertain your colleagues. Behind your bosses back, crack your whip app to make fun of him every time he gives you a task, as if he is a slave driver.

The Whip App is FREE to download! Click HERE to get it!

Product Features

  • Carry a whip on your phone and Wooooooosh like a boss! All you need to do is just shake your phone like you would with a real whip! It is ultimate motivational tool for your employees or colleagues, make prank to your friends or just pickup girls! This is a funny app created just after the famous episode of “The Big Bang Theory”. The Whip will bring you epic laughing times!
  • Features :
  • – Whip by shake
  • – Sensitivity control
  • – Vibration control
  • This ultimate tool let you :
  • – Whip to prank
  • – whip to fun
  • – Whip to show you are the boss
  • – Whip to motivate
  • – Whip to dominate
  • – Whip to be feared trainer


Disclaimer: Bad Boss posts are meant for entertainment.