A great boss pays for his workers to Relax! No, this is not a joke. Normally, an employee relaxing on the job is labeled as a slacker. Someone who gains an eyebrow lift from any rational boss who discourages slacking on his watch. Slacking has become increasingly worse in recent years due to social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon are the top three sites which employees use for personal reasons while on the clock.

Some other ways that employees slack are by conducting excessive meetings, interacting with co-workers, participating in office politics, and surfing the internet, among others. According to Cheryl Connor, with Forbes Magazine, the number one reason why employees slack is because they do not feel challenged enough in their job. The second reason, according to Forbes, is that they work too many hours. So maybe this great boss is onto something by giving his employees some needed time to relax…

At Lee Wenyong & Co, an analytics firm in Malaysia, one great boss, Max Lee, encourages employees to do just that: RELAX and REST DURING WORK HOURS! Mr. Lee rents office buildings and public libraries across Singapore for about $1200 per month. He allows his 22 employees to use these facilities with access to free Wi-Fi and refreshments located in the business lounges.

Le Wenyong & Co, specializes in “analyzing business and HR data from small and medium-sized enterprises, and rolling out plans to boost their profits” – Malaysia Chronicle. Targets are based on projects with employees being responsible to meet deadlines.

In an attempt to prevent his workers from leaving his company, he is incredibly supportive of his worker’s relaxation or pursuit of their own personal hobbies using the facilities which he pays for. Quite a few of his employees have gladly accepted his offer and are thankful for the opportunity. Activities range anywhere from composing lyrics to hip hop songs to practicing magic tricks.

How has this impacted the company? Employees respect Max Lee for allowing and trusting them to balance their work-life and therefore are feeling motivated to meet their work goals. Many are expressing their loyalty to the company because of the provisions and rare opportunity. The company has successfully boosted productivity, maximized creativity, and ensured the retention of high performers. The bosses at Lee Wenyong & Co are responsible for their department outcomes; not behaviors.

According to Lee Wenyong & Co, because “people spend so much time and work, there’s no harm injecting leisure at work. It’s about employers learning to trust their high performing employees” – Lee Wenyong & Co.

This article source and first appeared on Malaysia Chronical.

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