Send us your Bad Boss story!

Send us your Bad Boss story!


Do you have a personal experience with a Bad Boss? Send us your Bad Boss story! This is a great place to vent and receive other reader’s comments and support. If you don’t have a personal bad boss story to share, then make one up. We’d love to hear your story! Do you need advise in dealing with a bad boss? Or are you a guru who can share your tips about bad bosses with others? Send us anything Bad Boss related and it may be published as a future guest post. Please indicate, in your comments, if you would like to remain anonymous.

Here are some examples of (fiction) guest posts:

Note: By submitting your story, you agree that it will become property of Bad Boss and may be published in our blog and upcoming book, How to Be a Bad Boss. We reserve the right to edit or modify any part of your post, which may include correcting spelling or grammar errors and deleting or rewording vulgar language.

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…because good guys finish last.

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