Every bad boss needs to install the Whip app on their phone to show everyone that you are the boss. 😉 “Whip it” to motivate. “Whip it” to dominate. “Whip it” to be feared. “Whip it” is a magnificent management style! Or just use the Whip app to entertain your colleagues. Behind your bosses back, crack your whip app to make fun of him every time he gives you a task, as if he is a slave driver.

The Whip App is FREE to download! Click HERE to get it!

  • Carry a whip on your phone and Wooooooosh like a boss! All you need to do is just shake your phone like you would with a real whip! It is ultimate motivational tool for your employees or colleagues, make prank to your friends or just pickup girls! This is a funny app created just after the famous episode of “The Big Bang Theory”. The Whip will bring you epic laughing times!
  • Features :
  • – Whip by shake
  • – Sensitivity control
  • – Vibration control
  • This ultimate tool let you :
  • – Whip to prank
  • – whip to fun
  • – Whip to show you are the boss
  • – Whip to motivate
  • – Whip to dominate
  • – Whip to be feared trainer

Disclaimer: Bad Boss posts are meant for entertainment.

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