Everyone has done it; held onto an employee for too long. For whatever reason, you might not address the issue directly.  But there are times when you need to let a whole office of staff go. For instance, today, someone took a dump in your private restroom and no one will fess up to it. Here’s a list of 50 ways to make ALL your employees quit.

  1. Curse at your employees.
  2. Adopt an arrogant attitude.
  3. Don’t appreciate their work.
  4. Bring drama to the office.
  5. Create office politics.
  6. Threaten people with their job.
  7. Physically micromanage them.
  8. Sneak up behind them and watch them work.
  9. Say they can’t be trusted to make smart decisions.
  10. Establish cliques and turn them against each other.
  11. Have a favorite who gets away with anything.
  12. Point out everyone’s faults.
  13. Ignore office safety risks.
  14. Do not offer any praise.
  15. Don’t offer any hope for advancement.
  16. Sniff the women; only the pretty ones.
  17. Demand they work every weekend.
  18. Increase their workload to overkill.
  19. Tell them they are stupid.
  20. In fact, say a blind limbless monkey could do their job.
  21. Demotivate, demotivate, demotivate.
  22. Regularly get to work late. Make them come in on time.
  23. Be absent for any reason & no reason at all.
  24. Enforce double standards.
  25. Make unreasonable demands at all times.
  26. Hold the spoon and stir the pot.
  27. Enforce extreme working hours.
  28. Repeat things over and over and over.
  29. Conduct some inter-office romance.
  30. Make them work through lunch.
  31. Be negative about the company.
  32. Slowly clean out your office.
  33. Spread some false information.
  34. Be disconnected and disinterested.
  35. Tell them to pack their desk & keep it ready.
  36. Assign work they are not qualified to do.
  37. Blowups on your part should be iminent.
  38. Skirt your duties and duck out.
  39. Resent those who follow the rules.
  40. Tighten their deadlines.
  41. Write them up for menial things.
  42. Tell them the company is in trouble.
  43. Publicly humiliate them.
  44. Keep them on a rigid schedule.
  45. Take away raises.
  46. Use fear as a management tactic.
  47. Neglect all interpersonal relationships.
  48. Always promote and hire externally.
  49. Defraud your stockholders.
  50. Give your workers outdated equipment.

or you could just…


Disclaimer: Bad Boss posts are meant to be humorous and should not be taken seriously. Tell us, in the comments below, about your bad boss story.

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