I don’t know if you are a fan of Game of Thrones or not, but it’s a great show and one from which we can learn great leadership lessons.

I have been a fan of the show since season one all the way through to season four, and if there is one thing I have learnt it’s that bad bosses rise quicker and higher every single time.

Anybody who is remotely good, look at the Stark family for instance, very quickly perish, often in bloody and violent circumstances.

True there have been many bad bosses who have perished, but those too died at the hands of other bad bosses.

It’s the person who is prepared to risk all, who will do anything who rises to the top.

My favourite character is Little Finger, he’s is superb, many believe him to be good, but behind that carefully constructed image is a scheming villain who has plans for the top spot and to be King of the Seven Kingdoms.

My favourite line in the show came when he had just poisoned the King, and someone said, ‘but why would you kill him, you had no motive.’

And he answered perfectly, ‘because people with no motive are never suspected’.

He knew that he was ideally placed to deliver that fatal blow and move himself one step closer to the throne that he coveted.

He’d already secured himself lands and a castle by serving that King, but as soon as he was no longer any use to him, he just disposed of him.

As bosses we need to know when to use and when to dispose of people, this is a great skill to nurture and one that will help take us to the top.

If you have never seen Game of Thrones and you plan on getting that top job, then I suggest you get a copy and watch and learn.

Disclaimer: BadBoss is meant to be a humous blog and our advice is not to be recommend, it is only for amusement purposes

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