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Some employees make such a low wage that they are forced to rely on government programs to make ends meet. Food stamps, transportation, and housing assistance, such as HUD (housing and urban development) are just a few ways the state supports those who do not make a living wage. When low income is an issue, for an employee, another consideration is their medical expenses. How do employees pay for health care if they can not even afford groceries, housing, or transportation? In these cases, an inadequate income results in an employee’s reliance on state funded medical insurance, such as Medicaid.

What if your boss had to pay a fee to the state for paying you so badly?

The state could therefore use that money to fund these programs which support low income workers.



A statewide network in Minnesota, called TakeAction Minnesota, is working to realize racial and economic equality across their state. Their goal is to make that “Bad Boss” fee a reality. In fact, a bill is being developed for introduction in 2015 by state legislators who have supported the network in the past. The “bad business fee” legislation will require the company to provide a head count report of how many employees are on public assistance by the state or federal government. In tern, the business will be fined for the support their employees are receiving.

TakeAction Minnesota, in their desire for income inequality to change, hopes to lead the way for the “Bad Boss” fee to take off on a larger national effort. They are doing so by connecting with other labor and community organization groups who have the same goals to create policies and laws, improve organizations, and change unhealthy ideas or perceptions, Learn more about the TakeAction Minnesota network by clicking HERE.

The answer to the poll above? ALL OF THE ABOVE. Some sobering statistics about just HOW MUCH these vampire businesses are draining from local, state, and federal coffers can be viewed HERE.

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