The general bad boss job description, like a general manager, will surely assist you in attracting other candidates who are qualified for the job of Bad Boss. Feel free to modify this job description with job qualifications and duties which fit your position.

Position: General Bad Boss

Pay Rate: DOE, More $ than Peons

Location: Cutthroat, Island 79999

Schedule: Regular Employee’s Schedule 9-5.

Yours will be 9:30AM-4:50PM & 2 HR Lunch Break

Job Duties: 

  • Poor planning. – Does not set objectives. Does not set goals for the group or understand what work needs to be done to meet those goals. Waits until a crisis and then delegates.
  • Disorganized. – Procrastination is used on a daily basis to get nowhere. Time Management skills are absolutely not necessary to complete this job.
  • Demotivates and disengages. – Yelling, throwing things, physical contact. Being unapproachable. Hover like a helicopter. Use your employees as a shield.
  • Oblivious and clueless about the job. – In general, you will be required to take over responsibilities that you know nothing about. You don’t have to hide it.
  • Keeps people where they are. – Does not develop their employee’s skills. Can’t or unwilling to define a strategy or direction. Lack of an ongoing strategy.

Skills / Qualifications:

NO management or leadership training required. NO reading on the subject required. We are looking for a complainer, with a rude attitude, and the following skills and qualifications:

  • Procrastinator.
  • Micromanaging skills.
  • Poor Time Management.
  • Lack of prioritizing skills.
  • A “Just Take Care of It” attitude.
  • People skills are not necessary.
  • Under qualified and incompetent.
  • Talent for making others feel terrible.
  • Vocabulary filled with colorful words.
  • Can’t handle pressure and responsibility.
  • A hands-on approach with your secretary.
  • Multiple personality disorders are necessary.
  • Be a reactionary person without thinking first.
  • The ability to become overwhelmed with worrying.
  • Capacity to blame others and take credit for their work.

Disclaimer: How did they become the boss? What person in their right mind promoted this person? How to be a Bad Boss is meant to be Humourous and the information is for entertainment, not education. Be a Good Boss and do the opposite.

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