There’s a great deal of talk about the benefits of Reward and Recognition, and how these can be used to raise the morale of a department or company.

But we need to be careful, remember bonuses cost money, and they do eat into our profits, which is not good for the morale of the management board or shareholders.

We shouldn’t forget that we bonus our staff each and every money when we pay them their salary, and we do this, whether they did a great job or not.

Also what about the morale of the rest of the team, if people who do a good job get paid more, then this will demotivate them and lets face it, we have more people doing a poor or average job than a good job, so this could have a really damaging impact on the overall morale of the company

What we should do is look to just bonus senior managers, like ourselves, this will then motivate them to do a good job and become managers themselves. This gives them something to strive for which is much more motivating than an occasional bonus, which you may or may not get, and depends on them doing a good job.

Recognition is also difficult to administer, if we start to recognise too much, then people can get complacent, and will then only look to do their job if they feel that they will be recognised for it.

Its the same with thanking people, once you start you can end up in a situation where you need to thank everyone for everything, or nothing gets done.

So avoid this vicious circle, by thanking no one.

We should look to ignore people who just doing their job, or who only achieving minor success, this will make them try harder to please us.

We need to make it difficult for people to get recognised, thus ensuring that they will work harder in order to achieve their 15 second of fleeting fame.

When we only recognise the truly outstanding work or results, then we give real value to Recognition and increase its importance.

Recognising everyone for any minor success just cheapens Recognition, diminishing its power to inspire and motivate people.

So as you can see we need to take care with how we use Reward and Recognition, in the wrong hands they can create more problems than the prevent, and that will have a detrimental effect on the moral of the company.

The Bad Boss recommendation to optimise the returns on Reward and Recognition is a simple 2 step process which, if followed, will prevent problems occurring and will increase moral.

  1. Only Reward Managers/Bosses
  2. Only  Recognise truly outstanding work

This simple approach will give your teams a great goal to aim for and will encourage them to work really hard to achieve outstanding result in order to be recognised.

Now that’s the power of Reward and Recognition!

Disclaimer: Rewards and recognition should be used to improve company morale and culture. All levels of employees should be included in a rewards and recognition program. This post is an example of what some bad bosses do and should NOT be done. We are not responsible for the use of this example literally in the workplace.

People keep telling me that there in no I in Team, but I always remind them that, although that is true, there is one in Win.

And if we want to Win, which I always do, then I need to be involved, I need to be leading the charge, and I need to ensure I get my fair share of the credit for the victory or for any of the success that we achieve, let’s face it I am the boss after all.

In my experience it’s losers who are constantly making the claim on there being no I in Team, that way they can claim to be part of the success, try and share in the glory.

But why should we share success with people who were just on the team?

There is always someone who scores the winning goal, who throws the winning pitch, that’s the guy who usually gets remembered. If it’s all about teams why do we have Most Valuable Player awards.

We need to stop pandering to these people, just because you participated doesn’t mean you were part of the success, in reality you were probably just making up the numbers.

The leader sets the plan, he picks the team, he’s in charge, ergo it’s his success, the team should be thankful if the leader mentions them at all.

Sometime when you take this approach people want to quit the team, but let’s face it, thats not really a major issue, there are always plenty of people lying around who can make up the numbers, so they won’t be missed.

We need to remember that without the I we don’t get a Win.

Disclaimer: Teamwork is essential for success. Building high performance teams is good leadership. This post is an example of what some bad bosses do and should NOT be done. We are not responsible for the use of this example literally in the workplace.

A blog and upcoming ebook about How to Be a Bad Boss which will focus on all the things that bad bosses do. With the idea that if you want to be a good boss then you should look to do the opposite, or if you spot things that you’re doing which are in the book, then maybe, just maybe, you should rethink your approach. Some of the examples in this book are illegal or may be against your company’s policy. These blog posts are an example of what some bad bosses do and should NOT be done. We are not responsible for the use of these examples literally in the workplace. 

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