As a Bad Boss, sometimes our reputations might stop us from being remembered fondly by our organisation.

However, there is one guaranteed way that we can esnure we are remembered fondly, and that is by making sure that we are followed by some one worse than ourselves 🙂

No matter how bad we have been, if we can position someone even worse to take over when we will leave, this will improve our legacy.

When we take control we need to look to surround ourselves with people who are even more obnoxious and offensive than we are, as it is likely that one of these will be our successor.

This often has the additional benefit of making our staff appreciate us more, as they will surely detest our direct reports even more than they hate us. Win Win 🙂

I often delegate the communication of any dodgy decisions to my staff, allowing them to take any discredit for these damaging policies, distancing myself unless they become successful.

Another good approach is to ensure that you leave prior to any of the damning policies you have implemented come into full effect, this way you successor will receive the majority of the blame. We can always claim everything was fine when I left.

As Bad Bosses we need to be constantly on the look out for promotions, or new positions outside our companies, so that we are constantly able leave prior to any excrement hitting the fan, thus leaving us with a clean record.

As we know everyone loves a successful boss, and leaving prior to failures reaching their full impact, is almost as good as being successful.

So if you want to be fondly remembered, remember these 2 simple rules.

  1. Ensure you are succeed by someone worse than yourself
  2. Leave before the excrement hits the fan

Disclaimer: Bad Boss posts are meant to be humorous and should not to be taken seriously.

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