When you become a Boss it’s important to know the impact that this has on the opposite sex.

Women love men in power and quite often you will find yourself being targeted by the fairer sex, and quite possibly, sexually harassed.

It might just be a flirty pat on the bottom, suggestive chatter, or an attempt to get a kiss at the Christmas Party.

How to handle this?

Well, you could report this to HR, but too often, it’s the victim of the harassment who finds themselves in the dock.

Everyone knows that having leadership positions make you more attractive, and questions will be asked as to what you did to prevent the harassment from happening and if you’re answers aren’t good enough you may find yourself accused of having invited the harassment.

Let’s face it the staff were just having a bit of innocent fun, so reporting them to HR  might spoil the office morale.

A better approach is to embrace your new found attractiveness and play along with the staff, both the female and also male.

With the male staff you can share lewd jokes and your appreciation of the female staff, this will make them feel you’re one of the lads and will increase your popularity with them.

With the female staff, you can wink and be suggestive with the uglier ones, but save your bottom patting for the more attractive one. Remember as leader you do have a reputation to maintain.

With a bit of understanding and playfulness you can turn what would have been a potential problem for you into a morale boosting opportunity.

Disclaimer: Sexual harassment is illegal. This post is an example of what some bad bosses do and should NOT be done. We are not responsible for the use of this example literally in the workplace. 

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