Shelley Zalis, founder of The Girls’ Lounge, explains at South by Southwest why motherhood isn’t an excuse to withdraw from leadership roles. She explains that motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a woman because the best leaders in the world are caregivers. This is because a caregiver is a nurturer, collaborator, supportive, encouraging, and nurturing, etc. She goes on to say, shame on mothers if they take the excuse of being a mother to opt out of leadership roles. Instead, she encourages mothers to opt in, lean in, and kill it as a leader.

A study done by WorldWit found that 69% of employees would rather work for a mom than a non-mom. Only 2% of employees preferred a non-mom. It takes a lot to shock a mom. Moms know that every move won’t be perfect, but they’re going for the long-term solution. Moms see mistakes as an opportunity to grow. Moms know how prioritize their time in order to juggle many things at once. Moms are resourceful and know how to find the answer or make the most of what they have. Moms are mature and have to act like grown-ups. Moms get enough drama at home so they don’t have the energy to get sucked into any at work.

Moms know how to say things simply so that a child can understand. A mom knows just because she said something doesn’t mean that everyone heard her. Therefore, she will make the message clear. Moms know how to influence and inspire the behavior that they want in their children, which is the core of leadership. Children are not going to do something, just because “mommy said so”.

The Best Leaders are Caregivers

Beate Chelette, creator of The Women’s Code, says that your first boss was certainly a woman – your mom. She boldly states, “Make no mistake, motherhood is a leadership role.” Every mom has to gain buy-in from her kids to eat certain foods, go to bed on time, or do their homework. Once you’ve honed those leadership skills, leading adults is a cinch. Moms have to be leaders.

According to Beate, mom leaders have characteristics such as being sweet and kind, and they generally tend to lead by example, and gentle persuasion, rather than domination. These leadership traits do work because we know our mothers always got us to brush our teeth, eat our vegetables, and all the other things that we need to grow up. This is why moms are leaders.

We need both male and female qualities in the work place. Beate expresses with certainty that motherhood helped to train her for her leadership role.

This is Why Moms are Leaders 

For me, personally, the hardest thing about being a mom is gaining the confidence to opt in, or lean in, and become the leader at work, that I am at home. This is especially difficult after giving birth and juggling the responsibilities of having a new little person in your household. Whether you have one child, or many children, the daily routine of care-giving can be exhausting and it’s especially difficult when its seems like no one notices how hard you are trying.

Whether I succeed at work, or not, the most important job that I will ever do is being a mom. Yes, my confidence is lacking at times because I feel fat, overwhelmed, and like I’m failing to be the person that I should be. After I came back from maternity leave, many people told me that they didn’t think that i would return to work. What they don’t know is, being a mom makes you stronger. I have four precious little people depending on me every day. I have to keep going no matter how hard it gets.

Being a mom is all about getting your life to where it runs smoothly, regaining your mind and body, and then being fully present. As moms, we need to lift each other up. Gain your confidence back, and go for that next stretch assignment, or ask for the promotion. Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean that you’re not deserving. You ARE deserving because you are a mom and you CAN do it! Don’t feel like you need to be the perfect mom, to be a leader. Focus on the fact that you ARE a mom, and BE everything that you are as a mom, to get there.


Thank you moms for all you do to grow the future by translating your skills to your everyday job. Let’s help and encourage other moms to regain their confidence and do the same.

7 Reasons Good Moms Make Amazing Leaders

Disclaimer: Bad boss posts are normally about poor examples of managers. Being a mom does not make you a bad manager or leader. Being a mom makes you a great leader!

Any employee in an organization is generally looking forward to meeting their new boss. In most cases, you believe that this new boss will aid in your development in becoming an expert in your chosen career.

Unfortunately, there are many managers that aren’t qualified for their position but still manage to get promoted and hold on to it. These types of managers are incompetent and cannot even manage their own household for that matter. Therefore, they should not be in charge of a multi-million dollar department, or company, which makes them a Bumbler Bosses.

So, how do you know if your manager is the Bumbler type? The below tips will help you in recognizing the traits of an incompetent boss.

Too lazy to Handle Projects

If your manager always finds his or her work too cumbersome or constantly turns out late assignments, or he doesn’t even at all, then your boss is a bumbler’s type. Competent managers always handle their projects effectively while also giving their staffs the needed support and advise without complain!

Of course, we are all human and there could be an occasional late assignment due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re referring to a bumbler type as someone is does this as a habit.

Always Employing Consultants

The Bumbler boss’s way of putting off decision making is by delegating their projects to their subordinates. Some Bumblers even will go as far as hiring a consultant in order to avoid making decisions on their own.

After the consultant options are presented, a debate may follow that takes hours, days, or months. However, the company becomes poorer due to the hiring fee. When the consultants leave, the Bumbler boss is left considerably behind in their assignments again.

He or She is Highly Secretive

Is your manager the type that always hides information from the staff? These type of managers hold the view that their staff will be confused or distracted from their work.

However, any manager that has this trait is surely afraid of being challenged by his or her staff. Bumbler bosses would rather defend their position, rather than facing challenges that will move the company forward.

Always Avoiding Responsibilities

If your manager always has his door closed, or an excuse to cancel your one-on-one, or the scheduled department meeting, even when it’s important, then your boss is surely incompetent.

A competent manager must always be available to the staff, whether for a clear explanation about an assignment or to give positive feedback on work done by employees.

Having a Bumbler as a manager doesn’t mean your career is doomed! Don’t be so eager in looking for a new job in your bid to escape the incompetency of your boss. There is much to gain from working for a Bumbler boss. Try to adjust to his or her demands, and overlook your Bubmler boss’s failings. This could serve as a blessing in disguise in the future.

 How to Deal with an Incompetent Boss

Disclaimer: Bad Boss posts are meant to be humorous and should not be taken seriously. If you work for an incompetent boss, document everything, keep doing a good job, and keep your emotions in check.

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St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been included eight times in the Fortune’s list of 100 best companies to work for, and they keep climbing every year. Their mission is to advance cures and provide treatment for pediatric catastrophic diseases. But, what makes St. Jude so special? All children can receive treatment; no matter their race, religion, or economic status. Aside from that fact, St. Jude is an excellent place, not only to develop your career, but also to make you grow as a person.

Passion and Commitment.

Passion and commitment could be the best two words to describe the staff of this hospital. They are the people that make everything possible for their patients. St. Jude has 4.7 out of 5 stars on different job platforms and employees’ reviews are so pleasant to read. James Downing, chosen as one of the top CEOs this year, has 98% of the employees’ approval and the only advice the people give to him is “keep up the great work!”

Creative perks and more.

St. Jude is a non-profit company; the money they receive is mainly from donations. Because of this, the company had to make up very creative and low-cost ways to compensate their employees. Part of these perks include food trucks at the campus every day, outdoor concerts, wellness programs, and any suggestions that the employees want to make. Of course, these benefits come with the complete package: good payment, 90% and 80% company-paid health coverage for dependents and part-time employees respectively, and flexible work schedules.

A place where Everyone fits in.

According to employees’ interviews, you will find people from all around the world that form the staff, but if you want to talk about diversity and inclusiveness, the stats are more accurate. Women represent a large percentage of the workforce of this hospital, as well as minorities; they comprise 67% and 41%. Another highlight is that St. Jude was ranked as one of The 10 best workplaces for African-Americans.

St. Judes also has only one cafeteria. This creates a great opportunity for employees, researchers, patients, and families to interact with each other, so there are no boundaries based on work positions.

Why work at St. Jude?

Although this place does a highly specialized work, it offers opportunities at any level. These opportunities allow you to start a career and, even if you don’t have any experience in the field, to continue working.

Besides payment and benefits, St. Jude facilitates promotes a work/life balance. They encourage their employees to have a comfortable and peaceful life inside and outside of work. As we mentioned earlier, they have flexible work schedules and provide the chance to participate in different activities at the campus. These activities include a weekly farmers’ market, employee crafts, book fairs, and a community garden.

Definitely, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a place that has a positive impact on you, as an employee and as a human being. The fact that you are able to work next to children and their families make it possible to see the results of your hard work just a few steps from you.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Disclaimer: Bad Boss posts are normally about how managers or companies get it wrong, but we also write about great companies like St.Jude who get it right.

One of our readers writes, “At one of my previous jobs we had nicknames for nearly everyone. My favorite was a guy who leadership hired, from outside of the company, as our manager. We found out that he was getting fired about two weeks before it actually happened. For that two weeks we called him “Dead Man Walking”. Incredibly rude…but hilarious.

Many managers aren’t aware of an impending sack from their jobs, which makes them a “Dead-Man-Walking Boss”. Even though any firing leads to shock, sadness, and insecurity, the management position, in general, are quite frequently the first position to be laid off. This can happen for many reasons, including budget cuts, but also could be due to the availability of others who are more reliable, skilled, and knowledgeable at the work.

Although a manager might not be able to stop the board’s plan to follow through with the firing, the level of shock can be reduced by paying attention to the following warning signs.

#1) Lack of Communication

Having employees is the reason that you are a manager. Therefore, you need to make sure that your employees are happy and that they do not leave the organization. A high turnover rate is a very strong sign of a bad manager. If employees do not feel valued, or appreciated, they are more likely to leave the organization. Show your employees that you really care about them by having regular one on ones and helping them to progress in their career goals.

In turn, your employees will feel more job satisfaction and your reputation, as a manager, will not suffer. If you have a large amount of staff resigning from their jobs, this is a warning sign that often leads to a manager being sacked.

#2) Where is Everyone Going?

While surfing the web, during your lunch break, you observed that your colleagues and, gasp, even employees are heading for a meeting room. Shouldn’t you be wondering why you weren’t invited? When you are being left out of key meetings, like this, the project being discussed will definitely last beyond your tenure with the company.

Although your staff and colleagues might not have the knowledge of the looming sack, they have been asked to leave you out of the meeting. This means that your expiration date has already been determined by the board.

#3) Why Did Sally get Your Assignment?

The company may have decided that some projects are beyond your capability. Maybe you are being lined up for better opportunities, but it could also mean otherwise. If your responsibilities are being assigned to other staff, that shows that you aren’t fully trusted by leadership to handle such projects successfully. If you’re being asked to step down from high exposure company projects, or committees, leadership may need to bring you out of these roles so that less employees are impacted when they let you go.

#4) Your Boss Is no Longer Available

At one time, your boss may have valued your opinions, to the point where he sought you out on certain questions to get your advise for a meeting. You may have even been previously asked to sit in on these meetings with him, which are now not happening. You may have a sense that he is unavailable. Perhaps he or she has canceled your one-on-ones or even refuses to schedule a meeting with you to discuss anything. If you start receiving discussion solely in E-mail format, that should have been a one-on-one conversation, this is a clue, by the company, which isn’t good for your job reputation.

#5) Did They just Hire your Replacement?

The final blow could be the new employee who, coincidentally, has the same, or better, qualifications than you have. Has your boss asked you to train the new employee on what your job responsibilities are? The new guy keeps getting more and more of your work to the point that you are now not doing anything. This new person could be your replacement. This is a bad sign that you could be getting fired.

Do Not Fret; Take Action!

A manager should not worry too much about the above points, rather, he or she should take action. If there is an opportunity to hold onto your job, if you desired, ensure that you are performing well while also planning your next action at the same time.

What Are The Signs of Getting FIRED!

Disclaimer: Bad Boss posts are meant to be humorous and should not be taken seriously.

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