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Have you ever been run over by your boss? Some call this type of boss, The Bus Driver Boss because it seems like he throws his employees under the bus and then runs them over. No one likes working for a boss that is quick to point fingers. So, instead of telling you how to be a bus driver boss, we’ve got an interesting bit to share about what it takes to be a real boss of bus drivers. 🙂

What it takes to be a REAL Boss of Bus Drivers:

Daily, millions of passengers take the public transport, which makes them susceptible to road mishaps. One of the most important responsibilities of the transportation company is to ensure those passengers always arrive at their destinations in a secure manner. One of the ways to ensure safe and efficient driving is to boost the driver’s morale, which can be achieved by the manager.

Being the boss of a driving company comes with many responsibilities such as making sure the drivers are punctual, clean the buses, check the engine oil, general light maintenance and scheduling of drivers for trips. To ensure the passengers reach their destinations safely, having a good working relationship with your drivers, will motivate them to do their assigned task and also make the company grow successful.

Below are ways to boost their morale!

Make life easier for your bus drivers

There are many things that a transport company manager can do to ease the challenges faced by the drivers such as:

  • Giving support to the drivers.
  • Healthy communication between the transport company and drivers.
  • Install technologies that help locate safe routes with less traffic and prevent them from passing illegal routes.

Reward them for safe driving

The installation of technologies in buses to monitor driver’s performances like adherence to speed limit, efficient use of fuel, stopping distance, etc. has created opportunities to boost their morale. Use the recorded data on the performances of bus drivers to reward them instead of using it as a deterrence.

Keep your bus drivers updated

Instead of dishing out new rules and regulations. Invite your crew to a meeting to educate them why there are changes in policy and the benefits that come with it. This will also allow your drivers to ask questions about insurance crash investigators and police officers.

Also provide up to date best practices advice that will allow the drivers to fine-tune their driving skills.

Organize days for free lunch and movies

One of the best ways to boost your driver’s morale is to promise them things that they will look forward to. Scheduling movies and free lunch for your drivers monthly will serve as a reward for their hard work and make them see you as a caring boss.


Keeping your bus drivers satisfied is a strategy that should be implemented by the boss. At a little cost, giving bonuses to bus drivers and improving their working amenities will surely lead to a safe and efficient driving. The above tips will motivate the drivers and lead to the growth of the transport company at the same time.

One Bus Driver’s Boss wants cameras on the buses:

Disclaimer: Bad Boss posts are meant to be humorous and should not be taken seriously.

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New Study Results: Everybody Suffers Under a Bully Boss

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Bully bosses are toxic! Their abusive speech and other bad behavior spreads like a virus, infecting the whole office.

Bully bosses communicate by losing their temper, yelling, and belittling their subordinates.  Often a bully boss will single out one employee to take out their negativity or aggression. If you’ve ever had to experience the abuse of a bully boss, you know how draining it can be.

However, the whole team will suffer at the hands of a bully boss, according to a new study by a team of researchers at Michigan State University. The study showed that the entire team suffers when a bully boss picks on just one employee.

How does the team suffer? Their productivity decreases as a direct result of verbal abuse and/or demeaning E-mails from the bully boss. Not only does a targeted employee suffer, but the whole team falls into conflicts which results in a loss of productivity.

“Teams characterized by relationship conflict,” lead investigator Crystal Farh said in a press release, “are hostile toward other members, mistreat them, speak to them rudely and experience negative emotions toward them.”

The whole group’s attitudes and behaviors start to reflect those of the bully boss as they act in a similar and hostile manner toward one another. The sobering truth is that everyone suffers at the hand of a bully boss.

When this happens, the company loses big time because now the whole team requires interpersonal relationships to be repaired. Trust among group members will have to be rebuilt as well.


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Disclaimer: Working for a bully boss is distressing. Do you have a real life experience working for a bully boss? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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A great boss pays for his workers to Relax! No, this is not a joke. Normally, an employee relaxing on the job is labeled as a slacker. Someone who gains an eyebrow lift from any rational boss who discourages slacking on his watch. Slacking has become increasingly worse in recent years due to social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon are the top three sites which employees use for personal reasons while on the clock.

Some other ways that employees slack are by conducting excessive meetings, interacting with co-workers, participating in office politics, and surfing the internet, among others. According to Cheryl Connor, with Forbes Magazine, the number one reason why employees slack is because they do not feel challenged enough in their job. The second reason, according to Forbes, is that they work too many hours. So maybe this great boss is onto something by giving his employees some needed time to relax…

 Attract the best Employees by being the best Employer.

At Lee Wenyong & Co, an analytics firm in Malaysia, one great boss, Max Lee, encourages employees to do just that: RELAX and REST DURING WORK HOURS! Mr. Lee rents office buildings and public libraries across Singapore for about $1200 per month. He allows his 22 employees to use these facilities with access to free Wi-Fi and refreshments located in the business lounges.

Le Wenyong & Co, specializes in “analyzing business and HR data from small and medium-sized enterprises, and rolling out plans to boost their profits” – Malaysia Chronicle. Targets are based on projects with employees being responsible to meet deadlines.

In an attempt to prevent his workers from leaving his company, he is incredibly supportive of his worker’s relaxation or pursuit of their own personal hobbies using the facilities which he pays for. Quite a few of his employees have gladly accepted his offer and are thankful for the opportunity. Activities range anywhere from composing lyrics to hip hop songs to practicing magic tricks.

How has this impacted the company? Employees respect Max Lee for allowing and trusting them to balance their work-life and therefore are feeling motivated to meet their work goals. Many are expressing their loyalty to the company because of the provisions and rare opportunity. The company has successfully boosted productivity, maximized creativity, and ensured the retention of high performers. The bosses at Lee Wenyong & Co are responsible for their department outcomes; not behaviors.

According to Lee Wenyong & Co, because “people spend so much time and work, there’s no harm injecting leisure at work. It’s about employers learning to trust their high performing employees” – Lee Wenyong & Co.

This article source and first appeared on Malaysia Chronical.

Do you work for a great boss? Tell us about it by contacting us HERE. We may feature your story in one of our future blog posts.

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Some employees make such a low wage that they are forced to rely on government programs to make ends meet. Food stamps, transportation, and housing assistance, such as HUD (housing and urban development) are just a few ways the state supports those who do not make a living wage. When low income is an issue, for an employee, another consideration is their medical expenses. How do employees pay for health care if they can not even afford groceries, housing, or transportation? In these cases, an inadequate income results in an employee’s reliance on state funded medical insurance, such as Medicaid.

What if your boss had to pay a fee to the state for paying you so badly?

The state could therefore use that money to fund these programs which support low income workers.



A statewide network in Minnesota, called TakeAction Minnesota, is working to realize racial and economic equality across their state. Their goal is to make that “Bad Boss” fee a reality. In fact, a bill is being developed for introduction in 2015 by state legislators who have supported the network in the past. The “bad business fee” legislation will require the company to provide a head count report of how many employees are on public assistance by the state or federal government. In tern, the business will be fined for the support their employees are receiving.

TakeAction Minnesota, in their desire for income inequality to change, hopes to lead the way for the “Bad Boss” fee to take off on a larger national effort. They are doing so by connecting with other labor and community organization groups who have the same goals to create policies and laws, improve organizations, and change unhealthy ideas or perceptions, Learn more about the TakeAction Minnesota network by clicking HERE.

The answer to the poll above? ALL OF THE ABOVE. Some sobering statistics about just HOW MUCH these vampire businesses are draining from local, state, and federal coffers can be viewed HERE.

 TakeAction Minnesota – Our Work

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