NBC is producing a comedy about what happens when bosses have vaginas. This new comedy was inspired by an essay, written by Hillary Winston, which appeared in Playboy last year. The essay was appropriately named, “When Your Boss Has a Vagina”. The project, which is currently untitled, will be headed by Ms. Winston, who is known for her role in the popular CBS sitcom, “Bad Teacher”.

According to Jenny Kutner, with Salon News, Hillary’s essay indicates that we can expect to see a lot of “good old-fashioned overblown gender stereotypes”. Hillary states that gender is not a factor at all in bad bossing, because she has worked with bad bosses of both sexes. Hillary tells us how a bad boss, in any sex, may behave:

  • Have a fight with your fiance the night before and take it out on your employees.
  • Make your employee work on the weekend but don’t tell them until Friday.
  • Stock the break room with only snacks that you like.
  • Notice that your employee’s car isn’t there right at nine.
  • Doubt that your employee is telling the truth about being sick.
  • Resent your employee’s appointments: car trouble, out-of-town weddings, dentist, etc.
  • Leave early just to beat traffic, but make your employees stay and work.

So, how should a bad boss “with a vagina” act, in the opinion of Hillary? She states that there are differences between men and women bad bosses due to social customers; such as opening the door for a woman, wearing low cut provocative clothing, and having your ass checked out by men (because you’re a woman; not because you’re the boss).


The plot is about a new “lady boss” who joins a “fratty corporate office”. Salon News writer, Jenny Kutner, believes that along with the sexually objectifying jokes, at female boss’s expense, we may also see a few helpful lessons, to be learned in the series, about equality in the workplace.

Gender Equality Works…

Article Source:

Kutner, Jenny.  NBC picks up a new “comedy” about what happens when bosses have vaginas. Retrieved on August 11, 2014 from http://www.salon.com/2014/08/08/nbc_picks_up_a_new_comedy_about_what_happens_when_bosses_have_vaginas/

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