The Bad Boss Performance Review

Prior to the employee’s performance review, discuss how the employee is doing with other managers or subordinates in the office. The point is to spread gossip and allow the employee to catch wind of your perspective in order to give them a head start on their rebuttal. If you don’t like the employee, this will also make them very nervous, which should make you (the bad boss) happy. 😉

Moral support! The first rule of giving performance reviews is to have someone included in the meeting who is on your side. You can bring in anyone into this meeting that you want. Bring in a colleague from another department, your girlfriend, or even your best friend, “Mr. Wiggles”, your pit bull dog.

Have a camera man on standby to record each job performance review so that you have a documentation of the proceedings. If the employee messes up again, you now have a video that you can replay for them to recall the previous conversations on the... Read More | Share it now!

Mothers Make the Best Leaders

Shelley Zalis, founder of The Girls’ Lounge, explains at South by Southwest why motherhood isn’t an excuse to withdraw from leadership roles. She explains that motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a woman because the best leaders in the world are caregivers. This is because a caregiver is a nurturer, collaborator, supportive, encouraging, and nurturing, etc. She goes on to say, shame on mothers if they take the excuse of being a mother to opt out of leadership roles. Instead, she encourages mothers to opt in, lean in, and kill it as a leader.

A study done by WorldWit found that 69% of employees would rather work for a mom than a non-mom. Only 2% of employees preferred a non-mom. It takes a lot to shock a mom. Moms know that every move won’t be perfect, but they’re going for the long-term solution. Moms see mistakes as an opportunity to grow. Moms... Read More | Share it now!

HubSpot – Great Company Review


HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software company whose aim is to help small businesses to escalate quickly through new strategies that attract visitors and turn them into potential customers. This company is on the Glassdoor list of the Best Places to Work in 2018 and it has been awarded as one of the best workplaces for Millennials in the last two years. Even though this company was in the eye of the storm after the release of the book “Disrupted” by Dan Lyons, employees agree that HubSpot is an excellent place to work and they show it proudly on the internet.

A place to Start and Boost your Career

For young people finding a job is really hard, but HubSpot gives them the opportunity to start. From the beginning, this company provides the necessary tools to the employees so they can work on... Read More | Share it now!