When it comes to workplace Diversity, I was never a big fan nor believer, until recently.

I have always thought that there are some groups of people who are just better at getting things done than others, and fortunately, I am a member of that group, which is white anglo-saxon males.

Whenever I wanted to get anything done, I always looked to one of my fellow brethren if I wanted to be sure that the job got done properly. There are so many advantages to this, we speak the same languages so we can clearly understand each other, we both have the same expectations of whats needed, and to be honest I would probably be happier going out for a celebratory beer with them once the job is done.

However. all that changed when my good buddy Dave pointed out that, due to our lack of diversity, we had very few women in our office, which meant the single guys either had to chat up the secretaries – no thank you, or try to hit it off with a colleagues wife at the christmas do, which to be honest isn’t a good move.

Also if we brought our own dates to the office party there was always a chance one of the senior managers might move in, you know how chicks are suckers for men in power. So by introducing more diversity, this would allow us to recruit more women into the company which would really give us single guys, or those married guys who liked to play around, some options right in our own office.

If you interview a good looking babe who doesn’t quite have the skills, you can hire her and just label it under affirmative action, nobody is ever going to question that. So now I have a completely different view of diversity, I see that there can be many advantages, and I have shared this with many of my white anglo saxon males colleagues, and guess what, we’re all in agreement.

But hey, who didn’t see that coming 🙂

Disclaimer: Bad Boss is meant to be humorous and should not be taken seriously. Diversity is an important topic and should look to include people of all sexes, races and culture. And Diversity should definitely not be used as a source of date material for an all male office.

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