How to be an out-of-date Dinosaur Boss? FIRST, and foremost you need to work for the same department or company for many, many years. Some can do this by starting a job right out of high school, at eighteen, or college, in their twenties or thirties. Then focus on your aggressiveness and strong tendency to acquire money into your forties, fifties, or right to your last gasping breath. Secure yourself a coveted boss position and hold on tight for the rest of your career! During your rise to the top, learn every aspect of your job so that you gain a knowledge of the inner workings of everything.

Next, exercise your obnoxious know-it-all attitude. Ultimately, your desire will be to hire employees who act and think like you do. But, that is just not possible. Act in ways that make newer younger, or fresh-out-of-college, workers resent you. Begin a long term habit of dismissing other’s ideas, opinions, and suggestions for any kind of change, innovation, or improvement. Adopt the mentality that if it’s not broken, why fix it? Say things like, “We’ve done it this way for the last 25 years”.

Lord your years of experience over everyone by ensuring that they know you are “great and powerful” and they are lowly and beneath you. Your position and social standing, in your eyes, give you the right to treat others any way that you choose. You say anything that you desire regardless of how cruel or unkind. Your employees have no choice but to overlook your downgrading remarks and shower you with their insincere praises. Never allow an employee to get a word in edgewise as you reminisce out loud about some great thing only you were able to accomplish for the company, back in the day.

In your earlier years, working for the company, you exhibit a knowledge of the technology within your business or industry. However, over time, as the out-of-date dinosaur boss, you will need to become incompetent and clueless as to the new technology and terminologies. Create some mass confusion by ordering incorrect equipment and distribute responsibility to fix the problem to your younger tech savvy workers. Never acknowledge that you need to move forward with learning the new technologies and always act in a perfunctory, uncommitted fashion, as if it doesn’t matter.

In the breakroom, surround yourself with those of your same age group. There is nothing more job securing to you than being able to relate to other out-of-date dinosaur bosses. Complain to your colleagues about the “young whippersnappers” because behind your back they are calling you an “old fogie”. Forget about what it was like to be back when you were a younger freshly new worker yourself. The day-to-day stresses of being the out-of-date dinosaur boss are enough for you to worry about.

Disclaimer: Bad Boss posts are meant to be humorous and should not be taken seriously. However, we realize that working for a bad boss is no laughing matter. Do you have an experience working for an out-of-date Dinosaur boss? If so, please tell us about it HERE.

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