Those who say fear is not a motivator have clearly have never been chased by a Lion.  We always run our fastest when we run from something we fear, hence fear is a very good motivator.

Fear can cause us to reach new heights as we adopt the fight or flight response with those of us who choose to fight, finding ways to achieve our new goals.

For the people who choose flight they are usually weak and their departure is no loss to us at all, and if they can’t leave, then that have no choice but to fight, so this approach can be win win for us.

Fear not only helps us drive the teams to new goals, it can also significantly increase peoples respect for us. As one of my heroes, Niccolo Machiavelli, says ‘It is much more secure to be feared than to be loved’.

To create a successful organisation we need to create a culture of fear, a culture where people are on constantly on red alert and always ready to fight, ready to run that extra mile, in order to achieve our success.

When it comes to creating a culture of fear we need to remember that we only need to shoot one person to get the attention of everyone else, this one small act can be used to motivate the entire organisation.

To do this though we need to choose the right candidate, firing some nobody for failing will not have the effect we desire. We need to find a well respected member of staff and then fire them at their first failure.

When we do that, we have sent out two really strong messages

  1. Failure will not be tolerated
  2. Nobody is safe

This will keep everyone on their toes and will show that failure is not an option.

Now we are well on our way to creating a winning organisation.

‘There is no limit to what a leader can achieve when they know how to use fear correctly’. – Bad Boss.

Gordon Tredgold

Disclaimer: This site is meant for fun, and none of these recommendation should be followed, they are meant purely for entertainment. Use of fear should never be used or tolerated and is sackable offence.

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