People keep telling me that there in no I in Team, but I always remind them that, although that is true, there is one in Win.

And if we want to Win, which I always do, then I need to be involved, I need to be leading the charge, and I need to ensure I get my fair share of the credit for the victory or for any of the success that we achieve, let’s face it I am the boss after all.

In my experience it’s losers who are constantly making the claim on there being no I in Team, that way they can claim to be part of the success, try and share in the glory.

But why should we share success with people who were just on the team?

There is always someone who scores the winning goal, who throws the winning pitch, that’s the guy who usually gets remembered. If it’s all about teams why do we have Most Valuable Player awards.

We need to stop pandering to these people, just because you participated doesn’t mean you were part of the success, in reality you were probably just making up the numbers.

The leader sets the plan, he picks the team, he’s in charge, ergo it’s his success, the team should be thankful if the leader mentions them at all.

Sometime when you take this approach people want to quit the team, but let’s face it, thats not really a major issue, there are always plenty of people lying around who can make up the numbers, so they won’t be missed.

We need to remember that without the I we don’t get a Win.

Disclaimer: Teamwork is essential for success. Building high performance teams is good leadership. This post is an example of what some bad bosses do and should NOT be done. We are not responsible for the use of this example literally in the workplace.

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